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Tanaduk Center of Tibetan Holistic Health


Upon requesting an appointment we ask that you please send a brief medical history, age, weight, height, and diet history. Please make a list of foods and liquids consumed and the times you consumed those foods during the day; do this for five days. List medications and supplements taken and,if possible, blood pressure, stool regularity, sleep patterns and any information you feel important to include.

If you cannot make a physical appointment to the clinic then we also request4 photos of your tongue - one top rear, one top front, one of each side of the tongue and one full body photo. After reviewing the above information a healing protocol will then be designed for you by the physician and sent.

You can contact the Tanaduk clinic office to request an appointment for a consultation with our physician. Call:1-360-376-8272or .

Depending on the Tibetan clinic you are visiting the consultation ranges from $150 to $300 per visit. The initial consultation at the Tanaduk clinic is $150 and following visits or consultations are $85. Tibetan pill medicines available through the Tanaduk clinic are very inexpensive and range from nine cents each to twenty one cents each. The Precious Jewel Pill medicines are more costly.

How to prepare yourself for a visit to a Tibetan Medical Clinic


Because Western patients most often have a history of unsuccessful allopathic treatment, years of suffering and disappointing experiences with Western modes of treatment, they turn to alternate healing systems. Not knowing the holistic approach of Tibetan medical treatment, many patients expect a miraculous cure; exchanging their allopathic tablets with Tibetan herbal pills without making any diet or lifestyle modifications.

Tibetan medical treatment requires the patient to participate, to take responsibility for their life force and make the necessary diet and behavior modifications needed. Not wanting to take such responsibilities for one's health may lead to further disappointment and misinterpretation of the Tibetan medical culture.

More and more patients from different cultures world wide are seeking appointments with Tibetan trained physicians. Most patients do not know the basic principles of Tibetan medicine at the time of their appointment. Consultations usually last 30 to 50 minutes, and precious time should not be wasted with questions such as "What is WIND, BILE and PHLEGM?" That information will be provided to the patient if they do not have it already.

To help patients to prepare themselves for a visit to a Tibetan clinic the following recommendations have been outlined.

healing buddha


1. Avoid comparing Tibetan with Western ways of diagnosis and treatment. They are two completely different systems that should be viewed in their own historical context. They cannot be easily amalgamated, even though they can benefit from each other.

2. If possible read about the principles of Tibetan medicine prior to your consultation. These are well explained in introductory literature widely available. Having a basic idea will help you to understand the nature of your imbalance and why certain changes in food and habits are being advised. (e.g.: CLIFFORD, TERRY. Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and Psychiatry: The Diamond Healing. 1977. S. Weiser, York Beach, Me. 1984.)

3. Be clear about your expectations and know that Tibetan holistic healing treats the root causes and the symptoms, and requires the patient to participate in their healing process. It isa truly well thought out 'Three Phase System' of compassionate healing.


1. Beginning at least one day before the consultation, cultivate a peaceful frame of mind; do Tai Chi and yoga. Stay with a moderate diet, avoid alcohol, meat, strong tea or coffee, excessive sexual activity, lack of sleep, over-exertion, heavy sports, traveling, etc., as they will change the quality of your pulse and urine, diverting from the actual problem you want the doctor to perceive clearly and treat correctly. This is to avoid causing major imbalances in the elements and humours that would affect the pulse and urine diagnosis.

2. When brushing your teeth the morning of the appointment do not brush your tongue. Do notconsume any liquid or food that will stain the tongue or take vitaminsas they will colour the tongue and the urine.

3. If you are a practitioner, you may prepare yourself through the practice of the Medicine Buddha. In the Tibetan medical texts it is said that the patient should visualize the doctor as the Medicine Buddha. The doctor will do the same while attending to you. The consultation should be held in an atmosphere of meditation and a peaceful state of concentrated mind.


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May All Beings Be Free!

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