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Namaste! (An ancient greeting meaning ~ From our heart with peace, gratitude, and the empowerment of bowing to your divine spirit within, we honor your presence.)

Greetings Friends,

All orders for the authentic Tibetan Goji berry world wide go through this office. We are the supplier and service North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Italy and many countries in Europe. Below is the ordering information.

Please call Toll Free 1-866-328-4654 or 1-360-376-8272 or send an email and I will be happy to help you with your order.  

At this time we are taking orders for the new 2005 harvest, place your order now for immediate fulfillment.

We accept all major credit cards, when ordering please include exp. date and security code. You may also pay by check, money order and bank draft.

Warm Regards,
Julia Dobos
The Tibetan Goji Berry Company

Pricing information:
The wholesale price is $14.50 per half kilo bag (these are 18oz bags) and there are 40 half kilo bags per case. We have maintained this price for the last seven years without an increase. Wholesale requires a one case (40 bag) minimum. The 5 kilo bags are suitable for manufacturers and are listed below. A temporary bulk price is being offered for orders under the wholesale limit. This bulk offering is due to the huge demand by individual consumers who cannot yet find the berries in their local stores. This will be discontinued as vendors increase, customers contacting us will be directed to the vendors in their area.

Bulk prices for half kilo (18oz) bags:
1 bag: - $26.50 ($3.50 for shipping within the U.S.- applicable for this single, one bag order only)
5 bags: - $22.50 per bag - bulk pricing
10 bags: - $19.50 per bag - bulk pricing
25 bags: - $16.50 per bag - bulk pricing
40 bags: - $14.50 per bag - Wholesale

Bulk and Wholesale prices for 5 kilo (eleven pound) bags:
One 5 kilo bag: $175.00 - $17.50 per pound - bulk pricing
One case of five - 5 kilo bags (55 pound total) - $725.00 - Wholesale

Food Distributors / Manufacturer prices:
These prices are available upon request by commercial manufacturers and distributors only and there is a 1,000 kilo minimum.

Note: It is suggested that those companies wishing to use 1,000 kilos or more a year should place an annual order by or before June 1st of each year to ensure the berries are available to them. Occasionally the entire Tibetan Goji harvest can sell out
before the next harvest is ready, leaving a one to three month lapse in availability.
That happened this year for the first time in ten years.

Place your orders by calling 1-360-376-8272 or Toll Free: 1-866-328-4654
and by email at

We accept all major credit cards.
Send check or Bank Draft to:

The Tibetan Goji Berry Company
P.O. Box 1886
Eastsound, Wa   98245

Shipping Cost
The shipping cost is calculated by weight and zip code or country code. Please include those when requesting shipping charges.

Note: Goji berry supply orders world wide go through this office, always check authenticity of your 'Goji' product by contacting to confirm the use of authentic Tibetan Goji berries in your product.